Atu Robot is coming


Under COVID-19, the hospital has become a place where many routine patients and infected COVID-19 patients must go, and it is also the most easily infected here, so the temperature detection requirements for regular patients and their families are stricter, but the hospital The flow of people in is the largest. If you let the staff take the most common forehead thermometer to measure the temperature of each patient or family member, it will be a very heavy workload. At the same time, the temperature will not be measured. Accurate, resulting in missed examinations for fever patients, this is likely to cause COVID-19 infected people to infect more people in the hospital.

Don't worry, Atu Robot is here. It is unattended. The temperature measurement accuracy is less than or equal to ±0.2℃. For pedestrian temperature measurement time ≤ 2s/people, it greatly improves work efficiency and effectively prevents and controls COVID-19 spread in the hospital. 

Similarly, it can be used in many hotels, office buildings, residential communities, schools, shopping malls.

The environment that ATu Robot can use is: temperature -15 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, humidity 5% ~ 95%, both indoor and outdoor can be used, simple and convenient, power on, and reduce staff.